Technologies of the surface renovation feature the modern method of increasing operating lifetime parts those are due to running worn down or the qualitative properties of the surface are decreased. Current situation in many companies generate conditions to maximize usage of renovation technologies in the way of competitiveness but also to achieve operational costs reduction by decreasing the costingness.

Activities of company REWELDA s.r.o. are focused on practical hardfacing applications in various industry segments: engineering and metallurgy (rolls, worm wheels, scales renovation), building industry and building materials (crushers, excavators etc.), automotive (working, stamping, moulding tools), agronomy (shares, ploughs etc.)

The view of real needs in the fields of hardfacing shows us, that we will focus our practical applications of hardfacing to below mentioned types of spare parts:

Technical support and welding consumable used by the renovation came from producers merged in the Böhler Special Welding group.

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